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About Teleios

A four week leadership development program for students finished grade 10 & 11 who want to know God more, develop a Christ-like character and leadership skills, and learn practical ways to extend grace and love in their communities.


Experience community in a tight-knit group of Jesus-followers.


Learn through various group building activities that will stretch your leadership and relationship skills.


Participate in engaging discussions on the character of God, how you are to relate with the world, what it means to be a Jesus follower, and much more. 


Join the SABC work force as you help lead a cabin and serve in other important ways at the camp.

  • Teleios was definitely a jumping off point for me into a more mature and strong relationship in Christ. 

    Jessica Luchka
  •  The people I met at Teleios are still a huge part of my life and my walk with God. 

    Justin Atwood
  • Teleios was awesome, it taught me a lot about myself, and mutual up building.

    Breanna Biddlecombe

What They’re Saying

Four Week Overview

Week One - Firmly Planted

In the first week students will discover the narratives that Jesus lived by and get to know the God Jesus knows. They will practice spiritual exercises that will help them grow in the knowledge of God and build a solid foundation on Biblical truths. Areas covered will include God’s goodness, trustworthiness, generosity, love, holiness, self-sacrifice, and how God transforms lives.

Week Two - Deeply Rooted

Students will dive into the Sermon on the mount and look at their own lives, hearts, and character. They will study the life of Jesus and will grow in Christ-like character. Specifically, they will look at struggles that enslave us such as anger, lust, lying, vanity, gossip, and judging others. Students will discover how Jesus can fundamentally replace these with Kingdom characteristics. 

Week Three & Four - Bearing Fruit

The last two weeks will be all about application. Students will serve at least one week in the cabin and one week in a support staff role at SABC. It will be an incredible opportunity to apply all that was learnt in the previous two weeks. Students will also be able to identify where they gifted and serve in specific roles that play to their gifts.

What You Will Experience


God's Word


Engaging Sessions


Leadership Skills


Lifelong Friendships


Safe Environment


Christian Role Models


Group Development Activities




Conflict Resolution Skills


Personal Devotions


What You Will Leave With

The Good and Beautiful book series written by James Bryan Smith – Used as a supplementary resource during Teleios.
Unique Teleios Shirt (This is not the shirt!)
A four week follow-up package to help you transition back into your community serving Jesus. 


Teleios Cost

Program Cost || $450

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Sponsorship Package



$300  || If you have worked at SABC for 6 or more weeks , you qualify for an automatic $150 sponsorship from our Leadership Fund.
 $0 || In addition to the returning staff sponsorship, we ask that you partner with your local churches. You will receive a sponsorship package that will help you partner with the church and ask them for support (not from an individual) of $150. SABC will then match that $150 from our leadership fund. If you have been doing the math, this means that you will pay nothing for the Teleios Leadership Program!
 $150 || You will receive a sponsorship package that will help you partner with the church and ask them for support (not from an individual) of $150. SABC will then match that $150 from our leadership fund.

Grades 10 – 11

2017 Dates

July 2 -July 28 || July 30-August 24


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